The massive amount of rain on Tuesday night left the Chattooga River swollen, but the county was spared the devestation that it saw in the floods of September 2009.

The Chattooga River crested overnight at a little over 18 feet.  Minor flood stage is considered to be 14′ at the US Geological Survey site located on the Chattooga River Bridge close to the Summerville News offices on Highway 27.  At  5:45 this morning the river was still a little over 15′ – still over flood stage.

The water did get up in Trion, but according to Trion Police Chief Chad Spraggins the town didn’t have nearly the damage that it did earlier this year.  Spraggins told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio on Wednesday afternoon that around 8 homes in Trion were affected by the flood and several cars were flooded out – including two patrol cars parked at Trion City Police Department. 

While the high water prompted Mayor Benny Perry to delay opening the city offices until 10 AM yesterday morning, the water did not get into the city’s municipal buildings.