The Summerville News is reporting:

A search is on for human remains that were allegedly brought to a Chattooga County dentist office in the early 2000’s, according to a sheriff’s investigator.

 “It has come to our attention that there was a couple that found what they suspected to be a human bone on their property back in early 2000,” Sheriff’s Investigator Mark Schrader said.

Allegedly, an elderly couple took a jaw bone to a local dentist to verify whether the bone was human or animal. The investigator said the dentist identified it as human and told the couple to seek the sheriff’s office advice.

“The information that we received was that the bone was taken to a local dentist office where it was confirmed as human. We are attempting to locate that couple and talk with them,” Inv. Schrader said.

The older couple allegedly never brought the bone to the sheriff’s office.

Investigator Schrader asks anyone with information or remembers this incident to contact him at the sheriff’s office at 706-857-3411. 


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