The announcement last week that Dade County has been granted Tier 1 status will not have a long-term impact on Chattooga County’s ability to lure industry according to Commissioner Jason Winters.

Winters spoke with AM 1180 last week during a Newsmakers Interview program about the announcement and said that only a portion of Dade County was approved for Tier 1 Status and that the designation was only until the end of the year.  Winters said that in the short term that portion of Dade County and Chattooga County would be on the same playing field, but that by next year Chattooga will once again be the only Tier 1 county in Northwest Georgia.

The Tier 1 designation allows for tax credits for businesses and industry that locates in an area and is an incentive for manufacturing jobs.  Chattooga County is designated Tier 1 because of the high unemployment and poverty level in the county.