Chattooga County received another stronger than expected check from the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) for the month according to Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters the county received another sales tax revenue check in excess of $200,000.

Commissioner Winters told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that he expects a smaller check in the future, but is happy that the county continues to see strong sales tax revenues unlike some of the counties around us.  Walker County, Gordon County and Floyd County all show a downward trend in sales tax revenue.

Many people seem to be staying at home to buy items instead of travelling to Chattanooga or Rome to do their shopping, which is good news for Chattooga County.  Chattooga County’s annual budget is based on a sales tax revenue of $2.4 Million according to Commissiner Winters. 

Winters said that the county would need around $213,000 to come in from the DOR during December for the County to be on budget.  Winters said even if the county gets a smaller check from the state for local sales tax, the county would still only be around 2% – 3% below budget for the year.