The Presidential Preference Primary is coming up next month and Chattooga County residents will be going to the polls to help select the candidate for the Democratic and Republican nominees for President of the United States.  For the past twenty Presidential Elections, Chattooga County has gone with the winner twelve out of twenty times in the General Election.

The only Presidential candidate in history to receive over 90% of the vote in Chattooga County was President Franklin D. Roosevelt in both 1940 and 1944.  In fact, Roosevelt handily won the State of Georgia with over 80% of the popular vote both times.

Since World War II only three Presidential Candidates have been able to get over 80% of the votes in Chattooga County: Harry Truman in 1948; Adalli Stevens in 1952 (Stevens lost to Dwight Eisenhower) and Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Carter went on to carry Chattooga County with 68% of the vote in 1980, but lost the White House to President Ronald Reagan.  Reagan then carried the county with 53% of the vote in 1984.  Chattooga County stuck with the Republican nominee in 1988 with 62% of the vote going to George H.W. Bush.

In the next decade, Chattooga County voters gave the majority of their votes to Bill Clinton.  In a three-way race between Clinton, Bush and Ross Perot, Clinton garnered 47% of the vote in 1992 and got 47% of the vote again in 1996 when Clinton faced off against Republican Bob Dole and Ross Perot

Since 2000, Chattooga County has voted for the Republican nominee in every election including George W. Bush in 2004 (63%), John McCain in 2008 (67%), Mitt Romney in 2012 (69%) and Donald Trump in 2016 (78%).