The unemployment rate for Chattooga County is down from the month of October to the month of November according to the latest numbers that were released from the Georgia Department of Labor.

In October, Chattooga County had an unemployment rate of 13.2% – that number is now down to 11.8%.


Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters told AM 1180 earlier this week that the unemployment number in the county can fluctuate with just a few workers getting jobs or filing unemployment claims. Chattooga County has a population of roughly 26,000 people, and of that number only around 8,000 adults are considered eligible workers. With a change in the job status of as few as 25 to 50 people, it can greatly affect the overall unemployment number.


In the surrounding area – Walker County saw an increase in their unemployment rate from October to November from 9% to 9.4%. In Catoosa County their unemployment rate went from 7.3% in October to 8.1% in November. Whitfield County’s number remained the same at 12.8%. Overall in the Northwest Georgia region, the unemployment rate stands at 11%.