A Chattoogaville convenience store was robbed at gunpoint last night.  According to reports the robbery occurred when two males entered the store with a shotgun and demanded money from the clerk.

The two men left the store and got into a car with possibly two other men.  Law enforcement officials are saying that the description of the men and the vehicle given by the clerk has proven helpful.  . 

A short time late Georgia State Patrolman stopped a car matching the description given by the clerk and arrested a male and female.  The two have been identified as Joshua Weathers and Kimberly Weathers of a Trion address.  It is believed that two other men escaped into the woods.  The K9 Unit from Hays State Prison was brought in to assist with the manhunt.

A Georgia State Patrol Helicopter was in route to the crime scene when it experienced mechanical problems.  According to Chattooga County Sheriff Ralph Kellett the chopper landed about 30 minutes away from Chattooga County.

Sheriff Ralph Kellett told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio this morning that the names of the other two suspects may be released later this morning.  It is believed that the other two suspects are Chattooga County residents as well.  Kellett said that he believes the two are still in the area and the manhunt will continue today.