The Cherokee County Sheriffs received a large 29 foot military water craft which is capable of moving large barges that will now be used to help the sheriffs department navigate and patrol Weis Lake.


Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver said that the department received the vessel at no cost as part of the Defense Utilization Management which provides equipment to law enforcement agencies. Most of the equipment given is typically military surplus equipment.


The sheriff stated that Alabama Marine Police will be assisting in training deputies to properly operate the boat and once that is done an officer will be assigned to water operations.


Sheriff Shaver said that this will allow the department to respond to boating accidents and other life saving operations on the water and will also assist in events such as Liberty Day and the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday when there will be a large number of boats on the lake.

 Sheriff Shaver also stated that a lot of lake front property is not easily accessible from the road and that this boat would help provide better surveillance of that property as well as help to better deter crime.