Agent Chirs O`Neal with the Cherokee County Sheriff`s Office Narcotics Unit began to receive information about the probable distribution Narcotics at a residence located in Cedar Bluff. Agent O`Neal stated he began to get information from concerned citizens in the area about the sale of drugs in the area, O`Neal was also told this was being used the presence of children and drugs were being used in the presence of children living in the residence. O`Neal was able to acquire enough evidence during his investigation to be able to acquire Warrants for the arrest of Mary Wade of Woodmont Dr. located in Cedar Bluff. Wade who is on Probation from past charges also had a probation warrant outstanding for her arrest. Today Cherokee County Narcotics Agents, Investigators and Deputies from Sheriff`s Office along with Cedar Bluff Police Officer Jason O`Neal, State Probation Officers and State ABC Officers executed the arrest warrants at the Residence of Mary Wade. State Probation Officers also checked the residence began ongoing investigation into the possible distribution of narcotics from a home in Cedar Bluff, culminated in the arrest of two individuals at the address on Woodmont Drive over the weekend, as well as two others who were pulled over in a nearby traffic stop.

The investigation began after Agent Chris O’Neal of the Cherokee County Narcotics Unit was informed by concerned citizens that drugs were likely being sold out of the residence and further, that drugs were both being sold, and used in the presence of children living at the location.

Enough evidence was soon gathered, to obtain warrants for the arrest of 49 year old Mary Wade – who was already on probation, and also had a probation warrant outstanding, for her arrest. She was placed under arrest, and charged with the Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance, with Conspiracy to Commit Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance, and a Probation Violation; meanwhile, Shane Wade was taken into custody on charges of Obstructing a Governmental Operation and Resisting Arrest.

Among those items seized at the location were large quantities of Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Oxycontin and Heroin, along with a small amount of Clonazepam and Marijuana – plus, more than $2,500 in cash.

Law enforcement agents also pulled over a suspicious vehicle nearby, which appeared to be coming from the direction of Woodmont Drive – the stop resulted in two people being arrested after officers discovered a large amount of narcotics inside the vehicle.

49 year old Virginia Lee Jordan, of a Silver Creek, Georgia address, was charged with the Trafficking of Opium and Cocaine; while Tyree Antonio Gibbs, age 25 of Rome, Georgia was charged with Trafficking Opium, Cocaine and Meth.

More charges could follow in this case, as the investigation continues.

Article Courtsey of Weiss 990am