Sentencing for a Cherokee County, Alabama man – found guilty on charges of drug distribution last month – is scheduled for Monday morning (November 9th) in the courtroom of Cherokee County Circuit Judge Randall Cole.

On October 21st, a jury made up of seven women and five men returned a verdict finding 51 year old Michael Lynn Lyons of Sand Rock, guilty on drug charges.

On May 20th of last year (2008) Michael Lyons was caught on video surveillance, selling morphine to a confidential informant working with the Cherokee County Narcotics Unit.

The transaction took place on East Main Street in Centre, making it within the three-mile radius of each of the four schools located in Centre, and also within a three-mile radius of multiple housing projects, resulting in two sentence enhancements.

Under the Habitual Offender Act Lyons is currently facing a minimum of 15 years behind bars on the distribution conviction with an additional five years possible on each sentence enhancement.

Court convenes Monday morning at 9:00.