The re-enactment of the Battle of Chickamauga, scheduled for Sept. 19-21 at the Andrews Farm outside Chickamauga, is expected to bring thousands of re-enactors, sutlers and tourists to Walker County.  Activites to commemerate the battle will take place in LaFayette on Friday September 19th from 2-5 PM.  One of the events includes a production by Hope Productions commemerating events surrounding the Trion Factory during the War Between the States.  There will also be a production about General Braxton Bragg’s planning of the battle at the Chattooga Academy, also known as John B. Gordon Hall.

About 120,000 soldiers fought in the two-day battle in 1863. With more than 35,000 casualties, the Battle of Chickamauga is considered one of the bloodiest in the Civil War.