Prosecutors are ready to try David Allen Hardin, the Chickamauga man charged with more than a dozen counts of child molestation.

Hardin is one 280 people scheduled for criminal trial in Walker County Superior Court during the next term, which begins Monday, Nov. 30.

But that doesn’t mean Hardin’s trial will begin. In many case defendants plead guilty or their lawyers file new motions before the term begins or during the term, and their cases don’t go to trial or are delayed for another term.

Hardin faces two dozen charges, including 17 counts of child molestation, three counts of rape, one count of statutory rape, one count of incest, one count of aggravated sexual battery, and one count of attempt to commit a felony.

Hardin was arrested in early October 2008 after Chickamauga police received a complaint that a child was being sexually abused. Hardin, 54 at the time, lived in Chestnut Hill trailer park.

Several more people were arrested in the investigation.

Police said Hardin would let male adults have sex with a child while he watched. Hardin also had sex with a child, police said.