The Chattooga Masonic Lodge held an identification program on Saturday at the lodge in Summerville called the CHIPS program. 

Organizers said that the program was a success with over 91 children and elderly people registered with the program.  Identification such as photo, video and teeth impressions were made so that parents or gaurdians will have the information on hand if something happens with their child or loved one.

According to the Chattooga Masonic Lodge participants in the program Saturday came from as far as Chattanooga and Gadsden, Alabama to participate in the CHIPS program.  An autistic child and an elderly person with alzhiemers were just some of the participants.

Organizers expressed their appreciation to Sheriff John Everett, State Representative Barbara Massey Reece and local denist Dr. Richard Compton for all of their help with the program Saturday.  The local Masons said that they will try to plan more events for CHIPS identification at local schools in the future.