The CHIPS program will be held today at the Chattooga Masonic Lodge located at the corner of Marvin and Millican Streets behind Dr. Goodwin’s old office. The program will be going on this (Saturday) afternoon from noon until 4 PM. Organizers say that they will stay later if needed.


The program is being brought to our area by the Chattooga County Masonic Lodge. The lodge members are covering all the expense for the program. Parents are urged to bring their children to get this valuable information on hand. The identification package includes ID cards, pictures, videos, DNA, dental impression and scent and is “Amber Alert” ready.


Randy Rush with the CHIPS program told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that privacy is important and that the local Masonic Lodge would only retain the permission slip signed by the parents of the children that participate.


The program is receiving the full support of Sheriff John Everett along with Summerville Police Chief Stan Mosley and State Representative Barbara Massey Reece.


Rush said “It is a great program for the children of our community. If a child were to be missing this package is simply handed over to law enforcement by the parents, and they have everything they need to expidite the very best chances for recovery of the child. Just imagine trying to talk to parents and get information if their child is missing! This makes it more efficient to just hand the package over and let the police go to work.”


Once again the program will be conducted today at the Chattooga Masonic Lodge behind the Summerville BP station. If you need information call 706-766-2335