The Junior/Senior Prom is coming up quickly on March 26th. The Prom is a party hosted by the junior class held in honor of members of the senior class. Any CHS student who attends the prom as a junior or senior is required to pay prom dues, which are now $65.00 and will go up to $70.00 after March 1st. Most students will pay as juniors and attend the prom both their junior and senior years for the one fee. However, if a student decides not to attend their junior year and wants to attend their senior year, they still must pay dues. The prom dues cover each student and their guest unless the guest is also a CHS student that still owes dues.

            Any student in ISI or suspended out-of-school cannot attend the prom unless the assigned discipline has been completed. No reimbursement will be provided to anyone that gets suspended or expelled at the time of the prom. No student of Crossroads Academy will be permitted into the prom. Also, no guest over the age of twenty years old, or younger than a high school freshman will be admitted. All guests must provide a picture ID at the door. Students will be required to leave the dance for inappropriate or suggestive dancing or violation of any other rules. Violation of rules by a student or date will result in the both of them being forced to leave the event.

            Dress attire is also very important at the prom. Ladies are asked to wear a formal gown or pants’ suit. Tasteful cocktail dresses or “short dresses” are also permitted. Men are asked to wear a tuxedo or a coat and tie with slacks. No denim will be permitted. Ladies will be allowed to wear strapless dresses as well as halters or dresses with straps as long as they do not plunge lower than the bust line. No excessive cleavage will be allowed. Also, the back may not be lower than the natural waistline. No midriff or abdominal cut-outs are allowed and slits below the waist may not be higher than finger-tip level. No see-through material will be permitted, either. Men’s shirts must also be tucked in at all times and pants must be on their waist. If anyone has any questions regarding the dress code please see Mrs. Broome or Mrs. Lane.

            Remember, the prom is a night of fun! This year’s theme will be “Wonderland”, inspired by the film Alice in Wonderland. The prom committee has several great ideas and it looks as if it is going to be a beautiful night. We look forward to seeing you there in your formal wear!