As earlier reported on AM 1180 the Chattooga County Board of Education met Monday night and listened to comments and took questions from a parent/citizen Mr. Terence Hambrick who addressed the Board at Monday night’s meeting regarding the issue of former CHS head football Coach John Starr’s dismissal from his coaching position. Mr. Hambrick asked the Board several questions regarding Starr’s dismissal. Mr. Hambrick came to the Board seeking a more clear explanation of why Coach Starr was relieved from his coaching duties. Mr. Hambrick spoke about the upstanding character of Coach Starr and of the positive contributions that he has made to the students of Chattooga High School. When he was finished speaking, Mr. Hambrick was told by Superintendent Dr. Dwight Pullen that he nor the Board made coaching assignments. Pullen told Hambrick that the decision to appoint coaches was left up to the administrator in charge at the school. Mr. Hambrick stated that he would contact the principal of Chattooga High School regarding this matter.