Four city of LaFayette jobs will be abolished Friday, due to the severe economic downturn.

City Manager Johnnie Arnold declined to release the identity of the four jobs until those individual workers have been notified.

The jobs could be reinstated, possibly in about a year, if the economy is better, he said.

According to Arnold, the city has less money because more and more people are unable to pay the utility bills.

According to Arnold, some customers’ utilities have been cut off because they haven’t paid their bills.

“As long as people are trying and making an effort, then we are working with them as best we can,” he said. “If they don’t pay their bill, we are going to have to cut them off.”

According to Arnold, the four employees whose jobs will be abolished will receive some benefits, but a final decision has not been made on that.

Arnold said the city waited as long as it could to cancel the jobs, with the thought that the economy would pick back up. In February, the city cut two hours a week from city employees jobs; about two weeks ago it added an extra half-hour, bringing the cut to 2½ hours per week.

Arnold said that in a year’s time, he would like to see those jobs come back, but it is solely depends on the economy.

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