We’re now in the time of year for first freezes in parts of the Deep South. In the wake of a sweeping cold front, high pressure setting up over the Lower Mississippi Valley

Lows Friday morning will dip into the 30s Deep in the heart of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, even into parts of the Carolina Coastal Plains. Teeth-rattling 20s will be common in the southern Appalachians and Cumberland Plateau.

Veterans’ Day will remain chilly in the East, from the Great Lakes to Florida. Highs in the 40s will be common from northern New England into the Great Lakes and Appalachians, accompanied by a nagging winds. Yes, 60s and low 70s is considered "cooler than average" in the Sunshine State, also accompanied by that stubborn breeze.

However, changes are ahead for the weekend.

Weekend Temperature Flip-Flop

If the cold in the East is leaving you frustrated, there’s weekend relief.

Saturday, 50s will return to much of the Great Lakes and Northeast. Glorious November 60s will stretch from the Nation’s Capital to the Ohio Valley to the Corn Belt. Some spectacular 70s will be in full display from Florida to Texas and Oklahoma.

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