With the extremely cold temperatures forecast for the next several days – it pays to be prepared:

Make sure to have your furnace and wall heaters working properly perhaps having them checked out by a professional;

Check to be sure that all space heaters are far enough away from walls, curtains & furniture to prevent the likelihood of fire; also all space heaters should be equipped with safety features which will turn the heater off if tipped;

Replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and check smoke alarms to be certain they`re in proper working order;

Cover all exposed plumbing fixtures and pipes or leave the water dripping when the temperatures drop below freezing;

Prepare a survival kit with supplies needed to survive for a minimum of three days – including bottled water, non-perishable foods for family & pets, flashlights, batteries, a manual can opener, any necessary medicines and a first aid kit;

Make sure your outdoor pets have access to fresh water and shelter;

And be sure to check on the elderly or disabled who may be living alone, to be sure they`re properly safeguarded against the weather as well.