Chattooga County Commissioner signed a resolution yesterday afternoon that institutes a cell phone tax for all Chattooga County based cell phones.  Commissioner Jason Winters told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that he believes the added revenue will bring in over $120,000 per year to the county coffers.  The revenue from the tax will be used for Chattooga County’s 911 Emergency Services.

Winters held a hearing on the proposed tax yesterday morning at 10 AM at the Commissioner’s Office in Summerville.  A small number of vocal opponents showed up to protest the commissioner’s idea for a cell phone tax.

Winters points out that land line service in Chattooga County is decreasing and that most cell phone customers throughout the state are used to paying the 911 tax.  The tax will affect each cell phone that is Chattooga County based.  It is important to note that many cell phones used by Chattooga County residents are billed to an address outside the county, such as a work address.  These cell phones are already being taxed by the respective county’s in Georgia.