The complaint filed by the director of the GBI against LMJC Judge Chritina Graham may run into some financial road blocks according to a report by the Associated Press:

The complaint is being investigated by the state’s Judicial Qualification’s Commission. The seven-member body of judges, attorneys and non-attorney citizens serve as volunteers. It is staffed by a part-time director, an administrative assistant and an investigator.

The commission is out of money for investigations in the current fiscal year, said director Cheryl Fisher Custer. It will have limited funds when the new fiscal year begins next month, she said.

The commission must keep complaints filed against judges confidential. The AJC got the complaint letter through an open records request with the GBI, since correspondence of public officials is subject to the Georgia Open Records Act.

The commission can reprimand a judge or call for informal sanctions if an investigation confirms judicial misconduct. It can also issue a Notice of Formal Proceedings, which is similar to an indictment. If a trial leads to a finding of inappropriate behavior, the commission can recommend censure, suspension or removal from office to the Supreme Court of Georgia, which makes the final ruling.  – Associated Press