Motorist all across the area were filling up their vehicles yesterday evening, this as the word was spread that gas prices were on the rise due to Hurricane Ike.  Hurricane Ike caused gasoline prices along the Gulf Coast to surge on concerns that the storm could damage Texas refineries, or at the least halt production for several days.

Wholesale prices that dealers pay for gas rose to nearly $5 a gallon, up from $3 to $3.30 a gallon on Wednesday.

Kangaroo which operates several gas stations in the Summerville area posted the following notice to customers:

“Due to limited gasoline supplies, we ask that our customers limit their gasoline purchases to 10 gallons per transaction. This request will allow us to provide gasoline for all our valued customers during this time of limited supply in the southeastern United States.”

A spokesperson for Kangaroo said the measures were a proactive solution to managing the gas supply.