James Maurice Robinson, a confessed child molester, was sentenced this week to a 20-year term as punishment for his 2005 crime in LaFayette, said Chris Arnt, lead assistant district attorney in the case.

According to Arnt:

Robinson pleaded guilty to child molestation charges after an incident in a retail store’s restroom stall. Robinson waited in the restroom until a 10-year-old boy discovered him and he began to masturbate in front of the minor.

“In our community, any child should have the feeling of safety and knowledge that they can access a public restroom without fear of preying perverts,” Arnt said. “With James Maurice Robinson off of our streets, every parent can rest easier.”

While Robinson pleaded guilty to child molestation in May 2005 and was expected to undergo a sex offender evaluation, he never completed the required procedure. Robinson failed to appear at his sentencing hearing in February 2006, and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

Robinson was caught by U.S Marshals in their Operation Falcon sweep following a high-speed chase through downtown Atlanta, which gained national media attention.