Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey told a small crowd of around 30 people at the Summerville Depot that he is opposed to using the strategic oil reserve to ease the fuel crisis at this time.  Gingrey stressed the importance of using clean coal to ease the nations energy problems.  According to Gingrey there is enough coal to satisfy the nations energy demands for over 100 years.  Gingrey also talked about using shale oil as a possible fuel source.

Gingrey also expressed his opposition to the bail out package passed by Congress and signed by President Bush last week.  Gingrey said the bailout would raise the national debt by 11.3 Trillion Dollars.  Gingrey voted agains the first and second bail out package that was presented to Congress.

After the House rejected the first bail out package last week, Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia blasted the House Democrats for failing to pass the bill.  In fact many conservative Republican House members such as Gingrey voted against the package.

Gingrey is seeking re-election in November and is being opposed by Democrat Bud Gammon of Rome.