While there are laws that protect consumers in every state in the United States, many people are confused about their specific rights when they purchase goods or services.  The Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs (GOCA) has addressed some of those “myths” consumers have about their rights when the purchase products or services. Some people believe there is a “three day purchase cancellation” law…according to the GOCA that is not correct:FACT:   There is no universal right to cancel purchases.  A three-day right to cancel exists for only a limited number of consumer transactions.   For the most part, the three-day right to cancel applies only to credit or cash transactions of $25 or more that were initiated through face-to-face contact (such as door-to-door sales) away from the seller’s regular place of business and that resulted in a written agreement.   The three-day right-to-cancel provision does not cover purchases of real estate, insurance or securities. AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio will be posting several articles regarding your rights as a consumer over the next several days.