Coosa High School coach Scott Swantic has been arrested and booked at the Floyd County Jail for alleged drug related offenses while at the school. Swantic, physical education teacher and football coach, was charged with “attempting or conspiracy to commit narcotic — Hydrocodone.” According to reports, police believe Swantic was trying to buy the prescription painkiller from a student. He was scheduled to turn himself in to authorities early Tuesday morning. When he failed to do so, two officers arrested him without incident at his home at 34 Hardian Ridge in Rome. He was granted a $10,000 bail at about 4 p.m. Tuesday. Taylor Charles Chastain, 18, 338 Barker Road, was arrested last month at Coosa High School for taking Hydrocodone from another unidentified individual’s purse. The owner of the purse is also facing charges but has not been named by police, possibly because of her age. According to reports, Chastain told police that he was asked by Swantic to get the drug. Also, the unidentified person asked via a cell phone text message if the coach would have the money to buy the pills. School officials have said Swantic is on leave while they investigate the incident.Other charges could be pending at this time. RomeNewswire