Plans are underway to build a $2.2 million Georgia State Patrol Post that will serve both Chattooga and Floyd County residents.  The State Patrol Post’s current location, which was built in 1965, may be seeing its last days, according to Post Commander Chuck Sizemore Jr. The Floyd County government has plans to build a new facility somewhere along U. S. 27. The exact location is unknown. Trooper Sizemore told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio last week about the new patrol post headquarters and stated that Floyd County is planning a new Driver’s License Facility in addition to the new State Patrol Post Headquarters. Recently it was announced that the City of LaFayette had also donated land for a new state patrol post in LaFayette.  Throughout the state many municipalities and counties are stepping up to help fund the services offered by the State Patrol in their area. In Chattooga County, Commissioner Jason Winters authorized the use of three cell phones by state patrol shift leaders.  The phones allow the troopers to stay in constant contact with emergency workers and the Chattooga County Sheriffs Department.