Chattooga County Commissioner Mike Dawson says that he will be sending Sheriff- Elect John Everett a bill for the use of a county vehicle.  Dawson let the Sheriff – Elect use a county vehicle, despite the fact that Everett is not yet a county employee, to attend training classes in Forsyth, Georgia. 

Dawson told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that at the time he agreed to let Sheriff Elect Everett use the county car, he was not aware that Everett would be reimbursed for travel expenses by the Sheriffs Association.  Dawson also pointed out that in the past, training events have been held after the elections, in which case it would have been appropriate for the use of a county vehicle. 

Dawson said that since he became aware of the reimbursement, he plans to send a bill for the use of the county car.  Commissioner Elect Jason Winters said that he agrees with Dawson’s decision to bill Everett for the use of the vehicle.  The comments were made after the Commissioner’s review of the county budget last Friday

Local news media also asked Commissioner Dawson if Everett would be covered in the event of an accident in the county owned car. Dawson admitted that there could be liability issues with a non-employee of the county using the county car.