Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters inspected a bridge in the Halls Valley Community on Monday that was cause for concern with the county school buses.  According to the commissioner, the bridge was being used by Chattooga County buses, but was only rated for 5 Tons.   Winters stated that with some minor repairs to the bridge, which is located about 1 ½ miles from the Walker County line, the bridge could be rated at 12 Tons which would allow for school bus traffic.  Some bracing is basically all the bridge needs. In the mean time, Chattooga County School Superintendent Dwight Pullen worked out an arrangement with the parents of children that lived past the bridge for them to meet the bus so the school bus will no longer have to cross the bridge until necessary upgrades are made. Winters said that they expected someone from the Georgia Department of Transportation to sign off on the plans for the bridge repair plans sometime this week.  According to Winters the Halls Valley bridge is the only bridge with weight restriction problems that affects current school bus traffic in Chattooga County.