The Summerville News has reported today that outgoing Chattooga County Commissioner Mike Dawson has agreed to serve on the Chattooga County Water District Number One Board.

According to the article, "Commissioner – elect  Jason Winters appointed Dawson to serve on the water board because of his experience and knowledge of the pending construction of the multi million dollar Gore-Subligna area water system".

Commissioner Elect Jason Winters had told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio his plans to appoint Commissioner Dawson to the Board several weeks ago, but  we had not been made aware that the appointment was official.  Winters does not take office until January 1st.

Dawson ran afoul of the other board members earlier this year over disagreements about other water projects in the county.  The other water board members are Tommy O’Malley, Larry Wesson, Brad Hayes and Sammy Lee.