As deer season opens across Georgia this weekend, the Georgia Department of Corrections (DOC) is urging Chattooga hunters to be especially cautious.

DOC Assistant Commissioner Brian Owens told The News yesterday that he was concerned about the safety of deer hunters. Two Hays State inmates escaped from the main compound Monday and officials still believe they are within a 16.4 mile radius of the prison.

Deer season opens Saturday morning and goes through Jan. 1 here. Hunters need to take extra precautions while walking the woods.

They need to be mindful of not only other hunters, but also keep in mind the possibility that the escapees and/or law enforcement officials could be walking in the woods. 

Hunters also need to lock their vehicles, secure their weapons and observe all standard gun safety procedures taught by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

                Yesterday numerous correctional officers gathered on the back side of the Hays compound and did an arm-to-arm length search. A search to the Chattooga River has been completed.

                The prison has also added an additional layer of razor wire to the fence, according to the assistant commissioner.

From The Summerville News Web Site