While we are getting towards the end of the deer mating season, deer continue to be active and when that happens, there is an increase in deer vs. motor vehicle accidents. 

One was reported on Sunday, shortly after 11 PM, to the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office.

A sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene where Aubrey Smith and hit a deer while traveling east on Highway 100 near the Floyd County line.

Ms. Smith told the responding deputy that she tried hitting her brakes but was unable to avoid striking the deer.  The impact was enough that the air bags were deployed on the 2006 Land Rover she was driving.  The deer struck the driver side bumper and grill area of the vehicle.

There were no injuries reported from the accident.

Another accident with a deer happened last Friday, shortly before midnight,  when Angela Langston was traveling north on Highway 27 at North Ridge Estates.  A deer entered the roadway from her driver side and struck her vehicle in the middle of her front bumper and grill area causing the grill of the vehicle to shatter and made a dent in the hood.