Deputy Terry Ferguson were patrolling in the Henagar area when they encountered a vehicle driving recklessly, nearly t-boning them. Deputy Smith initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle. After running the subject`s license, he was identified as Joseph Patrick Ginn, 35, of Henagar. When Deputy Smith walked back to the vehicle, he smelled what he believed to be the odor of a rolling meth lab coming from the vehicle. When Deputy Smith questioned Ginn about the smell, Ginn became belligerent, jerked his car into gear and sped away.

Deputy Smith and Reserve Deputy Ferguson followed Ginn along Andrew Lee Drive through Henagar and into Jackson County, at which time Deputy Smith`s vehicle wrecked, flipping and rolling several times.

Deputy Smith suffered back and neck injuries and was airlifted to Huntsville Hospital. He has since been treated and released. Reserve Deputy Ferugson was transported to DeKalb Regional, treated for minor injuries and released.

The suspect`s vehicle was later located on County Road 88 in Jackson County. Warrants on charges of Felony Attempting to Elude a Law Enforcement Officer are pending on the suspect.

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