Chattooga County Democrats heard from Tom McMahan from the Obama for President campaign at their regular monthly meeting last night at the Chattooga County Senior Center.  McMahan said that the Obama Campaign is serious about winning Georgia in the upcoming election.  He stated that the campaign is organizing on a grass roots level in all of the 159 counties in Georgia.  McMahan said overcoming rumors is one of the many things he is trying to overcome in North Georgia; like the rumor that Obama is a Muslim when in fact McMahan pointed out that Obama is a member of the Church of Christ. One of the key strategies for the Obama Campaign is to register new voters and McMahan welcomed the possibility of doing a voter registration drive in Chattooga County.

Also at last night’s meeting local Democrats announced their grand opening for campaign headquarters.  This year, headquarters will be located on Commerce Street in the old Dixie Credit building.  A grand opening and ribbon cutting will be held on Saturday August 9th. 

There was a large and diverse crowd at the party meeting with many voters in attendence that don’t normally attend Democratic Party meetings.  Tim Shifflett, chairman of the Chattooga County Democratic Party said that he was encourgaged to see such a large crowd in attendence.