The Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness released its report on restructuring the state of Georgia’s antiquated tax laws and Democrats in the legislature are not pleased with what they have seen so far.   Georgia Democratic House Caucus Leader Stacy Abrams stated, “Structural changes to the tax code are important, but imposing new taxes during a recession, in a time of stagnant wages and a depressed economy, is harmful to Georgia families and threatens the economic security of every Georgian.” State Representative Barbara Massey Reece, (D-Menlo) echoed those sentiments, telling AM 1180 on Saturday, “The Tax Reform Council released recommendations late Friday afternoon after I had left the Capitol.  I have not studied the 90 page report, but from summaries I have read, it appears to me that Council proposals would harm middle class working families and senior citizens most.  Speaker of the House David Ralston has told news media that the House will not rush these recommendations through.  A special committee will be appointed to study proposals and design legislation for consideration by House members." The council was appointed by outgoing Governor Sonny Perdue along with the Lt. Governor and the Speaker of the House to find ways to raise revenue and reform the tax code in Georgia.