The Summerville Police Department continues to investigate an armed robbery at the home of Billy Joe Dooley, owner and operator of Truck Town in Summerville.  The robbery happened on Saturday night around 10:15 PM. 

Dooley told police investigators that when he arrived home on Saturday night he went to his back yard to check on a puppy which he couldn’t find.  When he entered his house he noticed that the front door was open and was confronted by a white male with a handgun pointed at him. The male offender was dressed in jeans and was wearing motorcycle boots a long sleeve shirt and a mask which covered his face.  The firearm was described as a black semi automatic pistol. 

Dooley said that the man ordered his to the floor in the dining room and told him he wanted “numbers.” Dooley told the armed robber he didn’t understand what he meant and the man explained that he thought there was a safe in the house where Dooley kept money.  The man stated that he had been watching Dooley for some time and had killed the puppy that Dooley was looking for.   

At that point, Dooley gave the man $11,000 in cash that he had on his person from a car sale earlier that day, but the man continued to insist that there was a safe in the house.  He made Dooley crawl to the bedroom on his stomach.  The armed man searched the bed room for a safe and threatened Dooley with a kitchen knife.  At one point, according to the police report, he threatened to put a pillow over Dooley’s head and shoot him.

During this time an acquaintance of Dooley’s pulled up in the drive and the robber fled out the back door and ran towards Scoggins Street. Dooley attempted to give chase but could not catch the man.  A resident that lives on Scoggins Street told police that she saw a man wearing a long sleeved shirt running north on Scoggins Street and that someone driving a grey newer car stopped in front of her house and picked up the man. 

Summerville Police called in the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit that tracked the suspect to the Scoggins Street area.  The whole incident took place in a matter of 15 minutes or so according to Dooley.  Also, it was discovered that Dooley’s 9mm Browning pistol was missing from his briefcase. 

The Summerville Police Department is continuing the investigation into the incident.