AM 1180 reported earlier this week on the arrest of a Chattooga County resident on charges of feticide – the killing of a human fetus.  According to information from the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department, the incident happened over last weekend when Floyd Medical Center called for an investigator to come to Rome because a Chattooga County woman, identified as Ashley Evans, had been struck in the stomach causing a miscarriage.

Officer Kandy Dodd said that Ms. Evans was experiencing heavy bleeding and stomach pain when she was brought to Floyd MC by Chattooga County EMS.  Evans told Dodd that she had been struck in the stomach by her estranged husband Shane Evans after an argument that lead to the two fighting.  Ms. Evans told the investigator that Shane Evans wanted her to go swimming on Saturday and she didn’t feel like going so the two began fighting.  Ms. Evans said that Shane Evans knew that she was pregnant and told the investigator that the baby was by another man.

According to the report from the Sheriff’s Department, Ms. Evans was punched in the stomach, dragged across the carpet – causing carpet burns- and choked during the fight.  Floyd Medical Center officials had posted Floyd County Police at the hospital room of Ms. Evans because she said that Shane Evans had told her that he would "come to the hospital and finish her off."

Officer Dodd took a warrant out for Shane Evans on charges of Feticide and Battery.  Feticide carries a penalty of life in prison in Georgia.  Shane Evans was arrested without incident on Roberts Street in Summerville.