There are only a few days left to prepare for the television transmission switch to digital signals, set to occur Friday.

“All full-power broadcasting stations are (now) broadcasting in both analog and digital signals,” Federal Communications Commission spokesman Rick Kaplan said. “But anybody who has a television that receives only analog signals is going to have to make a switch.”

To receive digital signals on an analog TV, you can get a converter box that turns digital signals into analog signals. If you’re already paying for cable or satellite with an analog television, you do not need a converter box.

The switch to digital was set to take place Feb. 17, but Congress passed the DTV Delay Act, which moved the deadline to June 12.

Kaplan said 42 percent of stations nationwide have already made the switch to digital; however, many more people will be affected Friday.

If you need a converter box, you have until July 31 to order a discount coupon online from or by calling 1-888-388-2009 (voice) or 1-877-530-2634 (TTY). Two $40 coupons are available per household.