Division III membership has been granted to Berry College on a provisional basis by the N-C-A-A Management Council, making Berry one of three schools in the nation to begin this process this year. Full membership is anticipated to take another four years. Berry College officials are excited about the news, having first sought this designation ten years ago.  Berry President Dr. Steve Biggs says this will result in an improved educational experience for student athletes, although one challenge will be the new requirement for the coming school year that student athletes will no longer be offered financial air based on participation or athletic ability, instead they will be eligible scholarships as are other Berry students.  Athletic Director Todd Brooks says Berry will continue to attract great coaches and student-athletes who will continue to comprise high-quality teams. College officials say the opening of the 131-thousand square-foot Steven J- Cage Athletic and Recreation Center last year helped support the move to N-C-A-A Division III status. WRGA