A raid on Thursday in Floyd County uncovered 18 pit bulls allegedly being groomed for dog fighting along with several puppies, authorities said that many of the dogs were in bad shape. Lieutenant Dana Collum, of the Floyd County Police Department, said Kenyatta Towers, who rents the property at 209 Eden Circle in Rome, will be charged with Animal Cruelty and Dog Fighting. Police are still searching for Towers, however two arrests were made as Marcus Beasley and Dominique Porter were taken into custody, charged with animal cruelty. Police and Floyd County Animal Control worked with Norred & Associates, which is an Atlanta-based corporate security and investigative firm, to organize the raid. Chuck Simmons of Norred & Associates called the conditions deplorable, saying some of the dogs were padlocked to the ground, and in two breeding kennels, animals were living in filth.

Police found a total of 25 pit bulls on the property.