Did you know that if you owe a fine in the Town of Trion and you fail to pay that fine that the mayor and town council have a right to form a "chain-gang" and anyone failing to pay their fines could be placed on the chain gang? (Trion Code Paragraph 697) That’s what Trion Town’s Code that was originally adopted in 1897 says. 

The antiquated Town Code also says that every male in the Town of Trion between 16 and 55 is required to work on the town’s roads and the town is supposed to elect a marshal.  The Town Council also has the power to require a license for livery stables and peddlers selling "patent medicines."

Mayor Johnny Ingle and Town Attorney Chris Corbin are now working to update the Town’s Code.  Corbin will work with state Rep. Barbara Massey Reece, D-Menlo, to get the new charter written.

In the mean time, don’t bathe in the Chattooga River in Trion on Sunday or after dark because that is prohibited!