David Doss, former Chairman of the Floyd County Commission and former Chairman of the State Transportation of Georgia has announced his intentions to seek the Republican nomination to represent the 52nd State Senatorial District.  Doss started his career as a Democrat and switched parties several years ago.  Under new senatorial maps a small portion of Chattooga County would be in the 52nd State Senatorial District.

In making his announcement, Doss said, `I chose today to make this announcement on the occasion of my father`s 84th birthday. My Dad served the 52nd District with distinction from 1968 to 1979, and as a young boy, I often watched with great respect as the State Senate went about their business. But much has changed over the past 40 years in the State Senate and the publical confidence and trust of this great institution has slowly eroded. Gone are the statesmen who placed principle over politics; who placed the needs of their district ahead of party politics; who believed in cooperation rather than stalemate; and those who adhered to a strong code of ethical conduct.`

Chad Whitefield, who is also running for the seat said, `I look forward to debating with Mr. Doss and seeing where he stands on the issues.