Representative Barbara Massey Reece, D- Menlo, has arranged for Georgia Department of Transportation Board Member David Doss from Rome to come to Chattooga County and meet with County Commissioner Jason Winters and Public Works Director Lamar Canada today to review the problems that led to the closing of the Lyerly Dam Bridge last week.

Winters told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that the bridge was closed by inspectors that had been contracted by the DOT to do bridge reviews.  PBS&J Engineering was hired by the State of Georgia Department of Transportations to do bridge inspections.  Chattooga County is not the only county that received a surprise bridge closing.  Catoosa and Polk counties also received notice that they had faulty bridges.

Normally the state will let counties know ahead of time if a bridge has problems serious enough for a closing.  This normal courtesy didn’t happen with the outside firm inspecting the Lyerly Dam Bridge.   Winters said that he hopes that David Doss, who represents Northwest Georgia on the State Department of Transportation, would be able to help the county work through the problem.