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According to a report released this week by the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy responded to a single-vehicle accident last Friday morning and when he arrived he found the driver of the vehicle passed out inside his vehicle which had struck a mailbox.

The driver, identified as Timothy Garmany, age 23 of Summerville, was on Knollwood Circle when he struck a mailbox.  When the responding deputy arrived, Garmany was sitting behind the wheel of the vehicle which was still running – and still in drive.

The responding deputy put the vehicle in park and turned off the ignition.  At that point, Garmany woke up.  Garmany told the deputy that he had friends in the area, but couldn’t remember how he ended up there.  Garmany denied having had anything to drink or taking any kind of medication or drugs.  The deputy asked for consent to search the vehicle and found a small bag of marijuana.

Garmany was issued a citation for marijuana possession and had someone come and pick him, and his vehicle up, from the accident scene.