Last week both local high schools received visits from law enforcement who brought along drug dogs to look for drugs on the school campuses.

Trion Police Chief Chad Spraggins said that no drugs were found at Trion High School and that his department made a thorough search of the campus and all of the vehicles at the school.  Trion School Superintendent said "I’m very proud of the kids. The dogs didn’t even hit on a car. We went through the high school, the middle school and the gym . . . They had four dogs total and they searched every vehicle.”

The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department also brought drug dogs to Chattooga High School last week which resulted in the questioning of two students, although no drugs were found.  Officers did find some seeds and a pipe which lead to the questioning of the students.  Sheriff John Everett told The Summerville News he is glad to see both schools take a stance against drugs by proactively allowing drug dogs reign at the schools.