The two last major co-conspirators in a violent Northwest Georgia drug ring were sentenced to life in prison Monday in federal court in Rome. Shane Rosser, 36, and Daniel Villenas-Reyes, 36, were both convicted in February of multiple drug, conspiracy and assault charges. They also were found guilty of participating in five murders. Rosser was convicted of killing T.J. Agan and Christopher Fortenberry in what prosecutors described as a drug deal gone bad. Reyes was convicted of three grisly murders in Cedartown that involved shootings followed by an arson. At Monday’s sentencing hearing in front of U.S. District Court Judge Harold L. Murphy, Reyes received five concurrent life sentences in prison, plus 160 years. Rosser was sentenced to four concurrent life terms plus 50 years.  Twenty others were sentenced to prison terms ranging from two to 30 years for their roles in the methamphetamine ring operating out of Cedartown (Rome News Tribune)