AM 1180 Chattooga Radio News spoke with Judge Jon Payne on Wednesday about upcoming elections in the county.  Payne who is the Chattooga County Election Superintendent stated that absentee voting will begin tomorrow at the registrar’s office.  Early voting will not have a paper ballot as has been done in the past, this time early voters will use a touch screen.The Registrar’s Office has been moved to the old McGinnis Drug Store building next to the court house, beside the Chattooga County Extension Office.  Since the old McGinnis Drug Store building is now a polling place, Judge Payne reminds candidates that no campaigning can be done within 150 feet of the building.Also voters at Cloudland will have a new polling place.  In the past voters have voted at the Cloudland Recreation Center, the new polling place will be the fellowship hall at the Cloudland Presbyterian Church located off of Highway 157.  Poll workers at Cloudland have had to deal with poor conditions at the kitchen area of the Cloudland Recreation Center for several years where voting has taken place.Voters are asked to make note of these changes.  AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio encourages all listeners regardless of party affiliation to be sure and vote in the upcoming primary elections.  Early voting begins tomorrow with the primary taking place on July 15th.