The election night results from Chattooga County saw one incumbent turned out of office and a run off election is guaranteed for Commissioner and Sheriff of Chattooga County.

Incumbent Democratic Tax Commissioner Kathy VanPelt Brown will be the nominee for tax commissioner.  She had 56.4% of the vote to her challenger, Lamar Canada’s 43.6% in unoffical vote totals.  Brown told AM 1180 Chattooga Radio News last night that she credits her supporters and a lot of hard work for her victory.  She will be facing Republican Candidate Fondren Wright in the general election.

In the race for Sheriff, Incumbent Ralph Kellett came in second in vote totals with 1695 votes and challenger John Everett with 1852 votes.  That means a runoff in the race for Sheriff.  Aubrey "Smitty" Smith came in third in vote totals with 801 votes and Daryl Reynolds got less than 1% of the vote total with only 32 votes.  The August 5th runoff election will determine the Sheriff’s race as there is no Republican running.

In the County Commissioner’s race, incumbent Mike Dawson will be leaving office.  Dawson came in 3rd in vote totals with 867 votes.  Dawson became commissioner 4 years ago in a runoff election with longtime commissioner Jim Parker.  The race for the Democratic nomination has been narrowed to Jason Winters and Joe Reed.  Winters was the top vote getter in last nights voting with 1795 votes.  Reed, a former Chattooga County Public Works director under the Parker administration received 1369 votes.  Blake Jones came in a distant fourth with 344 votes.  The winner of the run off election for commissioner will face off with Republican nominee Charles Black in November.

There were a total of 195 ballots cast in the Republican primary where there were no contested races.