Director of the Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce, David Tidmore has announced that The Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce has established a committee to assist in acquiring the Governor’s Entrepreneur Friendly designation for Chattooga County.


Georgia’s Entrepreneur Friendly (EF) community initiative was created and launched in 2004 in response to Governor Sonny Perdue’s charge to assist and support small businesses and the communities in which they operate and thrive. Governor Perdue wants to create a culture that embraces entrepreneurship. As a result 47 communities have received the EF designation thus far, with dozens of others in various stages within the designation process.


Tidmore said that The Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping Chattooga County achieve this designation that we feel is vital to the continued growth of our overall economic development strategy.


Tidmore states: "Over the next few weeks, our team will work to enhance awareness of the importance of including entrepreneurs and small business development in our local economic development strategies and create a culture of sustainable, effective programs that support and encourage homegrown business development."


Tidmore added:"The Entrepreneur Friendly Committee will be contacting businesses in the area to conduct surveys. Please allow them to call on your business and complete the surveys. They are entirely confidential and will be complied with all the surveys and sent to the state economic development office to develop new policies, making it easier for Georgia entrepreneurs to start and operate businesses."