A federal agency is coming to investigate possible problems with how the City of Summerville manages sludge operations at its wastewater treatment plant, according to official sources. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received a tip from an unnamed source that has the regulatory arm interested in the local operation, according to a source. Sludge is the treated solid byproduct sifted out of the city’s sewerage system. It is then applied to state approved fields and used as fertilizer.  It’s unusual for the EPA to investigate local sewage problems. The city, like most municipal waste treatment plants, is certified through the state’s environmental regulatory agency called the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD). Mayor Norton says he welcomes federal investigators to inspect the city’s facility located at the end of Red Oak Road.  The mayor said that he wasn’t sure when the EPA would be here. The city’s treatment plant Superintendent Scott Fowler says the city’s sludge program is already inspected by the state’s EPD.  The sludge is also periodically tested for various levels of metals present in the waste. See more in The Summerville News here: http://thesummervillenews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2866&Itemid=1